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Barcode Technology Saves Equipment Dealers Time and Money

HBS Systems | August 15, 2023
Bobcat of New York Selects HBS Systems Dealer Management Software

If you’re not already using bardcode technology to manage parts and unit inventory in your equipment dealership, keep reading to learn why you should start.

Why are more equipment dealers choosing to manage inventory with barcode solutions from HBS Systems

Leveraging barcoding technology in your dealership increases accuracy, ease of use, and efficiency by making information more readily accessible for your dealership staff. This allows your team to focus more on customer interactions, serving them faster and spending less time dwelling on part numbers and manual inventory count sheets. Having pricing and durable, accessible barcode labels for parts packaging and bins in your dealership empowers your employees and makes their job of managing parts sales and inventory tracking much easier.

HBS Systems is pleased to present an enhanced tool in our barcoding solutions for use with the HBS Systems NetView ECO platform.

Available exclusively from HBS Systems, the new Mobile Inventory Gun (MIG) is pre-bundled with our updated HBS Systems Mobile Inventory applications that will revolutionize how you control your inventory. Coupled with the HBS Systems POS barcode scanners (USB or Bluetooth) and the HBS barcode printers, the new HBS Mobile Inventory Guns can significantly streamline the physical count and data entry processes as well as parts receipting that will save you time, money, and effort.


The MIG has the following HBS mobile applications available: 

  • Mobile Inventory – real-time physical inventory for parts
  • Mobile Units Inventory – physical inventory for your unit inventory
  • Parts Order Receipt – receive parts orders with this new model


  • Multi-Location Capability – share a single or multiple MIGs across store locations concurrently
  • Use your existing HBS Systems NetView ECO credentials to login and use the MIG applications
  • Automatically records counts by user and device ID
  • Ability to update bin location with Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Android-based, using dealership WiFi or hotspots to connect to your NetView ECO site

Mobile Parts Inventory

HBS Systems Mobile Parts Inventory with a real-time parts physical inventory capability. Through a wireless network connection, this device will update your parts bin counts without the need to lock down bin locations or exit out of your system. Simply roam through the parts bins, scan the parts or bin labels, and enter your new counts that will instantly update on-hand values and record these changes. This technology allows you to take inventory on an incremental basis throughout the year, saving you the time and expense of year-end counts. Reports can be run at any time to provide details on the latest counts and adjustments. Data is retained perpetually and can be used to update your general ledger values as well.

Mobile Unit Inventory

HBS Systems Mobile Unit Inventory features the ability to download your complete unit inventory to the gun, providing the freedom to roam remote equipment lots, scanning the HBS-generated barcodes attached to the equipment. Once you’re back inside the dealership or in WiFi range, the scanned information can be wirelessly uploaded.  Now anyone can easily take unit inventories on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or at any interval you desire. Mobile Unit Inventory provides a whole new level of control for your most valuable assets. Reports can be run at any time to provide details on the counted/uncounted inventory.

Mobile Parts Receipting

HBS Systems Mobile Parts Receipting enhances the standard Quick Receipting NetView application by bringing that functionality to the MIG. Now you can unbox and scan parts barcodes on the go. Features include the ability to override received counts and scan one item to receive multiples of a single part. Dealerships using average cost are provided the ability to update parts cost during the receipt process as well.

To learn why more equipment dealers trust HBS Systems dealer management software with barcode solutions as a partner for the life of their business, contact our experienced team via email at sales@hbssystems.com, call 800-376-6376. Don’t just take our word for it, read what other customers say about working with us.


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