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Bobcat of New York

HBS Systems focuses on partnering with construction equipment dealerships to improve the profitability of their business operations. Read about how Bobcat of New York, a multi-location full-service Bobcat compact construction equipment and rental dealership, improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, maximized profits and enjoys 100% uptime with our fully integrated NetView ECO construction equipment dealer management software. 



Bobcat of New York has served the New York Metropolitan area for more than 80 years. They needed comprehensive construction equipment dealer management software to meet their needs of centralizing their multiple databases and software into one easy-to-use dealer management system (DMS). With the challenge of present employees being averse to new changes and frequent turnover, it was imperative that they adopted a construction equipment dealer management software marked by ease of use to reduce frustration and enhance productivity. In addition,
two specific modules were necessary for the software they chose: a simple yet prosperous rental module and a parts inventory management system. Struggling with outdated and unstable VPN-based software, Bobcat of New York sought HBS Systems’ expertise to usher in a new era of productivity and operational efficiency.


After 20 years of research and evaluation of 15 DMS solutions, HBS Systems emerged as the sole provider that met all the criteria, distinguishing itself from other competitors in the market. NetView ECO software’s ability to tailor to each
dealership’s unique needs and sleek interface facilitated seamless operation, resulting in an uninterrupted performance with HBS Systems since Bobcat of New York’s initial implementation. “HBS Systems has afforded us the ability to focus on the business instead of being tied down to an archaic system,” said Sage Prigozen,
CFO of Bobcat New York. He further attests, “There is no question our processes have sped up and we now have real-time information on all aspects of our business. In addition, the employees love it so that’s a nice cherry on top.”


The transformative results achieved through the partnership are resounding. “The rental contracts take about 25% of the time they used to. We’ve also been able to reduce the accounting and month-end time to less than an hour. Because of connectivity with Bobcat and the ability to pull pick lists directly into a parts ticket, this has reduced the time it took to make a parts ticket by over 50%. Theability to upload stock orders directly into Bobcat is saving hours per week.” Prigozen goes on to say that NetView ECO construction equipment dealer management software offers real-time feedback to his employees, allowing them to reach goals much faster. “The many financial and information widgets you can select for your HBS Systems NetView ECO customizable dashboard give my partners and managers direct access to numbers without the burden of asking accounting for reports.

The advancements I’ve seen in just the 1st year at HBS Systems are more than our previous provider
did in a 30-year period. Customer support has been really responsive and helpful. I couldn’t be more
pleased with my choice to switch to HBS Systems.

Sage Prigozen, CFO, Bobcat of New York

Bobcat of New York has found a collaborative partner that aligns with their values of enhancing connectivity, user-friendliness, and delivering a comprehensive construction equipment dealer management software solution.

To learn more about how HBS Systems can Advance Your Dealership, contact our experienced team at 800-376-6376 or sales@hbssystems.com.  If you’d like to read what other customers have to say about working with our award-winning construction equipment dealer management software team, click here.

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