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As a fairly new member of the team, I have had the honor of serving to lead the Marketing Department at HBS Systems since April 2020. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our current customers while attending trade shows as well as meeting new prospects that have now become HBS Systems customers. The growth we are experiencing is phenomenal. It’s also been a pleasure to welcome back several customers who thought, “the grass might be greener on the other side” and left to try a competitor’s dealer management system but quickly returned back to HBS Systems. I took some time out to find out why so many equipment dealers are partnering with HBS Systems. The quotes I captured from our management team and several of our customers provide insight into why for nearly 40 years HBS Systems dealer management system’s award-winning team has captured so much of the market share in our industry and also a few Stevie Awards for exemplary customer support.

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Chad Stone, President & CEO, HBS Systems shares, “It’s all about customer support. We ensure we overstaff our customer support department.  We provide them with training and tools. They have the knowledge to take care of our customers.  If you are calling in for support, we are very aware that you have a customer in front of you, asking questions and you are trying to resolve that to take care of your customer. You’re never going to find better support than HBS Systems. Through our support, our innovation, through our ability to connect with our dealers and provide them with that level of support and technology, it’s second to none. Compare us to our competition. I invite everybody to do so, but at the end of the day, when they’ve done it and they put the pros and cons together, you’ll find that HBS Systems comes out on top.”

Lynn Reed, CTO, HBS Systems shares, we want to make the lives of our dealerships easier. We want to enable their functionality as the world quickly changes and information is available. The idea is to share that information, to make the relationship with the dealership’s customers much better. Most of those tools are aimed toward that goal. Whether it comes from parts ordering, warranty, servicing, or information gathering, it all comes down to taking care of their customer more efficiently. We create products based on our dealer’s feedback and ask questions that will improve their processes. How well do you interact with your customer? How well you’re able to take care of them? The HBS System’s dealer management system needs to handle both those concepts, e-commerce, and service-oriented type operations, to be able to deal with your customer and your interactions far more efficiently.”

Stacy Darling, President, Williams Farm Machinery stated, “As a long-term 25-year customer of HBS Systems, we were happy with the software; however, we were lured away from a competitor with a smoke-and-mirrors sales pitch. After switching to the competitor software, it only took about 6 months to figure out we had made a mistake and we switched right back to HBS Systems.” 

Michael Prengler, VP of Operations, HBS Systems proudly communicated, “The mantra of HBS Systems is, ‘it’s ALWAYS customer first.’ It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the support floor or in the corner office. Nearly everyone in the company sees all support emails. All team members are expected to interact with our customers to ensure their success. We have interactive help built right into the menu structure of our software. It’s indexed and provides graphics and “how-to videos” to help guide a user through. Obviously, it’s very helpful when training new employees or someone needs a refresher.”

Karen O’Connor, VP of User Experience, HBS Systems shared, “I’m proud to be part of the award-winning team that’s shaped the exemplary customer support and innovative technology our HBS Systems customers depend upon. I think what makes us the best system in the industry is the company itself. It’s the people that we employ. It’s the values that we give back to our dealerships. It’s understanding the world that our customers live in, and if we can help them be successful and make money, then that makes HBS a successful company as well.” O’Connor continued, “From my perspective, customer service is the most important aspect of a software partner. If you can’t call in and have somebody listen to you immediately and help you try to find an answer, then it doesn’t matter how good the software is.”

Laura Bentley, President of Bentley Bros. Kubota shared, “We had utilized HBS Systems for many years but had needed to implement rental for our growing business and HBS Systems didn’t offer it at the time.  We left to go to another system; however, quickly realized the exemplary customer support that we had experienced at HBS Systems was missing.  As our team became more frustrated with the lack of response from the customer support at our new Dealer Management System provider, we knew we had to make a switch back to HBS Systems. We’re happy we did and have worked with the development team on their current rental features.”  

“I’ve had the privilege of educating and training our customers and our team for more than 30 years. The award-winning team we’ve hired at HBS Systems is the best there is in the industry. Our goal isn’t just to train our customers, it’s to develop life-long relationships with our dealer partners, their team, and families. It’s been an honor to see children born and now taking on leadership roles within their family’s dealerships. I couldn’t have planned for a more rewarding career,” said, Scot Kirkegaard, Director of Training and Education, HBS Systems.

”Similar to a lot of those on our team at HBS Systems, I have experience in the dealership industry. I understand what a customer is experiencing at their dealership and the unique challenges that they might face on a daily basis. This allows me and our customer support team to focus on building personal relationships with our customers. We strive to ensure that when our dealers call, they get a live person to assist them quickly with their questions and go above and beyond to provide them with the answers they need to continue serving their customers,” shared Mathew Denton, Support Manager, HBS Systems.

To learn why more ag equipment dealers, construction equipment dealers, material handling equipment dealers, industrial equipment dealers, and equipment rental dealers trust HBS Systems as a partner for the life of their business, contact our experienced team by emailing sales@hbssystems.com or calling 800-376-6376.


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